Movement For Every Sport

Athletes, young and professional, benefit from Pilates. Any athlete who puts their body through repeditive movements can use Pilates to add core strength and stability, flexibility, as well as increased mobility in the spine, hips and shoulders.

Athletic Performance Pilates improves posture, stability and alignment. The goals include muscle balance and injury prevention. We target underutilized muscles for activation to make you more efficient and effective in your sport. This results in smooth, flowing movement, proper breathing (increased endurance), decreased injuries , better posture and better performance. By targeting the whole body, including the ankles and feet, Pilates builds and maintains healthy, well balanced muscles.

Excercising the same muscles with the same workouts results in weak muscles becoming weaker and strong muscles becoming stronger. This muscle asymmetry causes stress on tendons and joints of the body and ultimately leads to injury.

Learn how you and your team can integrate Pilates movements pregame to activate muscles and postgame to stretch, elongate and avoid injury.

Athletes with highly targeted goals and injury prevention, flexibility, and advanced technique for:

Golf | Hockey | Swimming | Tennis | Gymnastics | Dance | Basketball | Baseball/Softball |Running | Crossfit

You play it … we can improve it!


All sports have the ability to generate muscle. Pilates also helps eliminate asymmetries in the abdominal muscles the line the sides of your torso.